Some schools would prefer to see us two or three times a year, each session with a different training focus, others would like to see us a number of times in the first term to ensure that they get off to a flying start with their course or courses. There are also schools running both the Cambridge Technical and National courses who want to get me in twice to cover both courses.  We have also been booked in for repeat sessions to help non-specialists and teachers working on their own in their department to assess and moderate work before submission. Its pretty flexible so Jennie can tailor a package to your needs.


Jennie also works with a small number of schools on a consultancy basis, with a guaranteed number of hours or days over a term or year that she can give, at key points in the year that are helpful. This could be when units are being written and prepared, started or finished, when they are being assessed and moderated or when new staff are brought in. This can be a combination of phone and face to face support if necessary too. Please note, these packages are a one off fee for the agreed duration, payable before the first session has taken place.

Jennie now offers training via the phone at an hourly rate. No extra expenses are incurred using this method and it can happen at your leisure, during the school day or of an evening.

These sessions prove cost effective for centres that are not usually easily accessible and are proving popular with teachers wanting to discuss specific units or experiences they have had up to now.

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